China Performances

In July 2019 I performed in two concerts in China.


190719 Wontonmeen 119 July, 2019 -Wontonmeen, Hong Kong

Wontonmeen is a relatively new venue. Owner Kent is very passionate about music and we are very grateful for his hard work and generosity. He even hand drawn a promotional poster (above) for our concert. On bass was the wonderful Wong Tak Chung. We had a full house and a wonderful audience.

230719 Wooden box 123 July 2019 – Wooden Box, Shanghai

I had this wonderful opportunity to play with two fantastic musicians based in Shanghai. Brian Hurley on bass and Zhang Xiong Guan on guitar. We played standards and had a lot of great musical moments. We all agreed we wanted to do it again when there is future opportunity.

230719 wooden box 2