I am very proud to be part of the acclaimed British rock band Magazine Gap. It consists of James Keen (Vocal & Guitars), myself on keyboards and Brian “Cookie” McCook on drums & Percussion.

Variously described as a contemporary mix of numerous global acts – including Jamiroquai, Santana, Simply Red, Matchbox Twenty and the Dave Matthews Band – Magazine Gap have successfully managed to blend a range of genres to create a distinctive sound entirely of their own. They have garnered universal and widespread acclaim for their rich songwriting, precise production, powerful live shows and impeccable musicianship, notably the drums and piano of virtuoso players Brian McCook and Alex Ho with the stunning vocals of James Keen. Critics have described them as original, creative, unconventional, unpredictable and offering something fresh for today’s music scene.

London-based Magazine Gap have taken their music to the physical and online highway, reaching audiences around the world. They have physically travelled over 50,000 miles with headline performances in 14 major cities right across the UK & Ireland, two tours of the United States (with shows in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston and Los Angeles), and a tour of the Far East (with shows in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Singapore & Hong Kong), plus a 90 mins concert on the main outdoor stage at the most famous, eclectic music festival in the world – Montreux. In addition, they have built a strong web presence, notably with a highly popular YouTube channel, that has earned them fans in all corners of the earth.

They have to date released two studio EPs, with 12 songs recorded to the highest professional standards in major studios in the UK and USA, plus a World Tour EP with 6 performances from six different cities on three continents. And yet, this independent, adult alternative band is only getting started.